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The International BlockChain OLympiad (IBCOL) invites current and recent students to solve real-world problems with decentralized applications, built with blockchain or distributed ledger technology. This year is the third edition of IBCOL, built on the momentum generated from IBCOL 2018 and IBCOL 2019

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Business Case Competition

Contestants define their own problem scopes and develop plans to solve it

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Academic Conference

Contestants are expected to submit a whitepaper proposing their solution

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Technical Hackathon (optional)

Contestants may build something to impress investors and employers

Why now

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Countless Use Cases

Blockchain will generate over $24 trillion HKD by 2030 across industry verticals

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Huge Demand for Talent

There is a lack of qualified blockchain professionals around the world

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Renewed Interest in Blockchain

While cryptocurrencies waned, business and governments continued to explore

Blockchain Olympiad Committees


PR Kit

Sponsorship Kit


IBCOL Organising Committee
International Blockchain Olympiad
333A, 3/F, Core Building 2,
1W Science Park Avenue,
Hong Kong
Email: pmo@ibcol.org

Submit your Project

Projects are submitted via the organizing committee of your region.

Create a new committee or join one? Please let us know today!