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The Indian Blockchain Olympiad

Cultivate meaningful relationships with people across the country

The INdian BlockChain OLympiad (IN-BCOL) invites the current and recently graduated students to solve real-world problems using blockchain or distributed ledger technology.

It is a part of the International BlockChain OLympiad (IBCOL), which is the world’s largest gathering of budding and reigning experts in applied blockchain and cryptography.

The top teams of IN-BCOL will represent India in HongKong and get a chance to engage with leaders from 36+ countries, win astounding prizes worth more than $10,000 and earn life-changing opportunities.

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Business Case Competition

Solve problems spanning across different landscapes.

Contestants need to define their own problem scopes and devise a plan to solve it.

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Academic Conference

Express a whole new approach and show your perspective to the world.

Contestants are expected to submit a whitepaper proposing their approach to a problem statement.

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Technical Hackathon (optional)

Change your mindset, build something impactful and change the mindset of others.

Contestants can build something meaningful for the world or work on the problem statements provided by leading companies.

Why now

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Beyond the Hype

Global market for blockchain is expected to reach $7.7 billion by 2022

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Huge Demand for Talent

The demand for blockchain talent has increased by 400% over the past year

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Unstoppable Adoption

More than 50% of state governments in India are involved in blockchain related initiatives


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Multidisciplinary Teams

Current and recent students of any discipline may compete

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Small or Large Teams

1 to 6 current or recent students can register as one team

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Multiple Projects

Any team can submit more than one project

How to get started

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Emerge as a Blockchain leader with our online and offline training designed using an industry-first approach and get certified. Register now and join the priority queue.

Want to organize a master class in your neighbourhood or university? Contact us at

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Listen to emerging technology leaders and learn from their experiences. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Tune in with changemakers(contestants, trainers, and mentors) across the country at

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