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Registration and Project Submission Deadline: 15 February 2020 – 14 May 2020


Each field is important for its own reasons, although that reason may not be immediately obvious. Success after IBCOL is not correlated with performance at IBCOL, therefore optional fields should be filled eventually for your project’s benefit.


  • Team Name is optional — in lieu of a Team Name, a Team Name shall be suggested or assigned by IBCOL.


  • First Name and Last Name must match exactly as is on your IBCOL Passport.

  • Contact Email Address shall be used by IBCOL to keep you informed of your status and the overall event.

  • Contact Phone Number is a redundancy to do the same, so it is highly recommended.

  • School or Academic Institution is one of the schools or educational institutions that you’ve attended or is attending. This information must match exactly as is on your IBCOL Passport.

  • Representative Country or Territory is chosen based on the location of your school or educational institution campus. This information will be checked by the Competitions Committee as part of due diligence.


  • Project Name can be a creative moniker or a descriptive title of the project.

  • Project Abstract is a self-contained, short, concise summary describing the entire project. Recommended topics:

    • Vision & Opportunity describes the challenges that the project is addressing and its goals are.
    • Market & Partners describes the reach and impact of your project and what parties are needed.
    • Competition & Risks & Merits describes the states of the arts, what might go wrong, why it is worth it.
    • Technology & Architecture describes how the project is implemented as a complete and full solution.
    • Revenue/Value & Distribution/Next Steps describes how the project generates value and how to launch.

  • Whitepaper (PDF) may be submitted as many times as you like before the deadline: Proof-of-Work Day.


To determine eligibility, the Competitions Committee will verify relevant information:

  • Actual or Expected Graduation Year as written on an official school-issued document.

  • Student Name as written on an official school-issued document.

  • School Name as written on an official school-issued document.

  • Expiry Date of the IBCOL Passport.

The Competitions Committee reserves the right to accept or reject competitors on a case-by-case basis.

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