Rules of International Blockchain Olympiad


  • Eligible contestants may be of any age, any education level, and a current or recent students of a recognised educational institution.

  • IBCOL OC20 determines what is a recognised educational institution.

  • IBCOL OC20 determines who is a current or recent student based on physical or electronic verifiable proofs; for more information, please read the ​Eligibility and Declarations​ section.


  • Teams may consist of a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of six (6) contestants.

  • Teams may submit one (1) or more projects.

  • Teams must appoint a liaison who will be communicating with the OC20 of IBCOL and their X-BCOL.

  • Teams must select one representative institution or country if contestants hail from different educational institutions or countries.

  • Teams must send or appoint at least one representative to attend IBCOL 2020 Finals to be eligible for final competition.

  • Teams unable to physically attend IBCOL 2020, but would like to showcase their project at the symposium may submit a pre-recorded video that would be looped, i.e. continuously played.

  • Teams must arrange for a chaperone if any contestants are under the age of 18 during their time in Hong Kong.


  • Projects may use any blockchain network or platform.

  • Projects are primarily represented by a whitepaper or presentation with no limit on length nor restriction on formatting.

  • Projects may have optional technical proof-of-concept or prototype.

  • Projects may submit additional copies of whitepapers, presentations, proofs-of-concepts, or prototypes in their native language but if complications arise, the English version shall prevail.

  • Projects may receive sponsorship or support but must be declared; for moreinformation,pleasereadtheE​ ligibilityandDeclarations​section.

  • The intellectual property arising from the projects belong exclusively to their respective teams, and may not be reproduced without written permission from the owners of the IP.

Symposium Stage

  • Projects are provided a table with WIFI access and electrical supply in Type G power sockets for up to two (2) laptops, and two (2) poster boards, each has space for up to six (6) A3 sheets, or equivalent.Projects may use any blockchain network or platform.

  • Projects shall use this space to present their project for judges and other symposium attendees; there is no time limit, but recommended length of presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.

  • Poster board content may be multilingual, but English must be one of the languages present.

  • Teams may choose to present in any language if the judge also understands the language; English is the default language.

  • Teams are responsible for the printing of the poster board content.

  • Teams are advised to complete setting up at least half an hour before the official start time of the symposium.

Presentation Stage

  • Teams are provided no more than twelve (12) minutes to make a pitch presentation for each qualifying project, without a Q&A period.

  • Teams that finish their presentation between ten (10) and twelve (12) minutes are assigned bonus points for every ten (10) seconds under twelve (12) minutes.

  • Teams are provided visual reminders for the 7th Minute, the 9th Minute, the 10th Minute, and the 11th Minute.

  • Presentation slide content and speech may be multilingual, but English must be one of the languages.

  • Presentation files will be presented in 16:9 on either Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Sheets; a PDF backup is recommended.

  • Presentation file names must be named, according to the pre-assigned project ID, country name, and project name.

  • Presentation files must be submitted by 23:59 HKT the day before the presentation, otherwise it is assumed that the team has elected to present without presentation slides.