The world's largest gathering of student talent in blockchain

International Blockchain Olympiad is a multidisciplinary design competition that invites students from around the world to apply blockchain and cryptography for solving real-world challenges.

Vision & Mission

Since 2014, there has been a fight for the public narrative of blockchain. During the euphoria of the initial coin offering boom, cryptocurrencies hijacked the definition of blockchain. Since the bubble burst, talk of legitimate blockchain projects is slowly but steadily gaining traction in the public consciousness. The IBCOL is building a sustainable blockchain talent ecosystem and take back what it means to work in blockchain. To this end, we have two missions:

  • Promoting Awareness on Blockchain Technology & Applications: students from around the world will benefit from the experience of participating in the IBCOL program of activities, which includes seminar series, specialised training and workshops, mentoring, and networking events besides the actual competitions. This will cultivate a genuine interest in the area of innovation, originality, creativity and cutting-edge technology and instill the right ethical values in the younger generation for paving way for their further exploring blockchain in the future.
  • Enhancing Employability by Equipping Participants with helpful Skills: the prospective and actual participants will benefit tremendously from the IBCOL programme, as they learn practical skills and knowledge outside their disciplines and push the boundaries of their comfort zones. Students get a taste of the real world, and learn how to identify and overcome challenges in actually making something happen.


The IBCOL 2020 Programme

  • Provides a world-class competition that highlights the challenges of applying blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to real-world applications
  • Promotes disciplined, multidisciplinary approach to building enterprise blockchain and distributed ledger applications, from technical, business, and legal perspectives
  • Provides a forum for cross-cultural exchange of ideas and sharing of experience among students, advisors, and overall between academia, industry, and government.
  • Encourages students from around the world to learn and know more about blockchain.

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