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International Blockchain Olympiad (IBCOL) is an annual competition inviting current and recent students to propose solutions to real-world problems using blockchain technology


The International Blockchain Olympiad - IBCOL is a worldwide blockchain solution design competition for students and young professionals from any area of study or industry. The olympiad allows participants to critically evaluate present day challenges and systems and architect solutions that capitilse on the inherent benefits of blockchain technology.

As the awareness and demand for greater digital security, trust, and privacy increases, IBCOL pioneers a pathway that guides and launches young minds into the growing web3.0 space.

IBCOL 2022

This year the International Blockchain Olympiad will revolve around building the foundations for the peace and prosperity of our planets and people as envisioned by the United Nations. As such we have aligned IBCOL 2022 themes with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals - SDG

More information about the 17 SDG can be found on the United Nations official website:

Important Dates

27 AUG

Open Registrations Closed


General Submission Deadline


Finalists Announcement

11 OCT

IBCOL 2022 Finals Live Event

Blockchain Technology & Applications

Promoting Awareness on Blockchain Technology & Applications: students from around the world will benefit from the experience of participating in the IBCOL program of activities, which includes seminar series, specialised training and workshops, mentoring, and networking events besides the actual competitions. This will cultivate a genuine interest in the area of innovation, originality, creativity and cutting-edge technology. It will also instill the right ethical values in the younger generation to pave the way for their further exploration of blockchain in the future.

New Skills and Future Employability

Enhancing Employability by Equipping Participants with helpful Skills: the prospective and actual participants will benefit tremendously from the IBCOL programme, as they learn practical skills and knowledge outside their disciplines and push the boundaries of their comfort zones. Students get a taste of the real world, and learn how to identify and overcome challenges in actually making something happen.


The IBCOL was founded in 2017 at the height of the cryptocurrency bubble. While most of the world was distracted by ill-conceived ideas or outright scams, the IBCOL was one of the few that dared to ignore short-term gain for long-term development of the blockchain ecosystem.